ParityTrack is Accountability In Action

At the Kennedy Forum event in June, we introduced, a tool that will monitor progress in achieving quality behavioral health care in every state.

Through in-depth analysis of current legislation, regulatory actions and litigation, we have already completed a parity implementation assessment of 12 states, with more to follow in the coming months. Our assessment includes a checklist of criteria measuring state laws and introduced legislation, criteria for evaluating actions taken by state regulatory agencies responsible for parity compliance, and criteria for examining litigation and judicial actions. These criteria are continuously evolving as we strive to make them as rigorous as possible.

Our current assessments offer data on California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, New York, Maryland, Kansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Tennessee and Minnesota, as well as a look at the federal landscape.

To date, we’re seeing promising outcomes in Illinois and Connecticut, but states like Idaho and Pennsylvania lag far behind. To improve their evaluation, state insurance departments need to investigate complaints, actively monitor plans for compliance, and educate the public about their rights, as we’ve seen in Connecticut.

Our position is clear: State legislators must introduce and pass bills that enable and fund insurance departments to enforce and educate, while also passing legislation that augments current parity laws, as we’ve seen in Illinois.

ParityTrack is also working to educate consumers, providers and advocates, offering important background information on parity, common parity violations and clear steps consumers can take to file an appeal. Our robust glossary takes the guesswork out of complicated legal jargon, defining everything from annual limits to utilization management, helping consumers feel empowered to exercise their rights under the law.

As we continue to assess states’ implementation of parity laws, we ask for your help. Share our ParityTrack tools and resources with behavioral health advocates and your state legislators.

We started this project because parity is about fairness. We believe that Americans with behavioral health conditions shouldn’t face difficulties in getting the treatment and services they need.

If you are interested in discussing or contributing to ParityTrack, please email us at

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