Support Our Veterans and their Families

On this Veterans Day, let us remember that when our troops return from their tours of duty, the homecoming isn’t always a happy one. Many of our brave men and women in uniform come home with invisible wounds caused or exacerbated by the psychological stress of deployment. Last year, more U.S. military members died by suicide than from combat.

Members of the military are particularly vulnerable to suicide – veterans represent 20 percent of suicides nationally. Each day, about 18 veterans die from suicide. Unfortunately, stigma prevents our troops from getting the mental health care that they need. More than 60 percent of military members who need help suffer in silence because they believe that seeking treatment for mental health concerns would have at least some negative impact on their career. There is no reason that any military member or veteran should suffer in silence

Watch this public service announcement from Patrick Kennedy for the American Psychiatric Association to raise awareness to support our Veterans and their families.

A Healthy Minds Minute for Veterans & Families from American Psychiatric Association

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