Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj Tackles Mental Health Parity

On episode one, season five of his popular Netflix show Patriot Act, comedian and host Hasan Minhaj discussed the complexities of navigating insurance coverage for mental health care in America. Patriot Act explores societal and political issues ranging from student loans to global elections through comedic commentary delivered by Minhaj, a former Daily Show correspondent.

Minhaj began the episode titled “Mental Health” by citing startling statistics about the prevalence of mental health conditions in America, then pivoted to explain the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, co-sponsored by The Kennedy Forum founder and former U.S. Congressman, Patrick J. Kennedy. He also addressed some of the ways insurers have historically violated the parity law and explained how coverage denials prevent consumers from getting the care they need.

At the conclusion of the segment, Minhaj encouraged viewers to visit, a Kennedy Forum website where consumers can learn to file appeals for unlawful denials of coverage for mental health and addiction treatment services and register complaints against their health plan.

New episodes of Patriot Act stream every Sunday on Netflix.

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— Patrick J. Kennedy