Movement Goals: 90-90-90 by 2033

Our ten-year goals for the movement are:

  • 90% of individuals being screened for mental health conditions or substance use disorders;
  • 90% receiving the evidence-based services and supports they need, and,
  • 90% of those treated being able to manage their symptoms and achieve recovery.


This vision will be achieved by aligning a movement that ensures parity in resources, access, quality, and outcomes, including:

  • Adopting a public health approach with a focus on prevention and early intervention.
  • Ensuring a sufficient and comprehensive payment model that drives these outcomes.
  • Supporting a skilled and inclusive workforce equipped to address the needs of diverse communities.
  • Accelerating innovation to make high-quality care affordable to all.

Reaching these goals will be the work of the entire community of mental health and substance use disorder actors: non-profits, industry, advocates, providers, government, venture capitalists and philanthropists, and those with lived experience.