The Kennedy Forum seeks to engage partners from across the mental health and substance use disorder landscape to deeply engage in our Alignment for Progress movement. Organizations identify an element of their work that supports a critical National Strategy recommendation or another key pathway to achieving the 90/90/90 by 2033 goals and commit to achieving that goal within the next 5 years. By gathering these goals, The Kennedy Forum will demonstrate the depth and breadth of organizations across the nation who are committed to change.

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The Alignment for Progress

Goals for the Alignment for Progress Movement: 90/90/90 by 2033

As part of the Alignment for Progress, we have articulated goals for 2023: 90% of individuals will be screened for mental health conditions or substance use disorders; 90% will receive the evidence-based services and supports they need, and 90% of those treated will be able to manage their symptoms and achieve recovery.

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Collaborating for Systemic Change

The Kennedy Forum's Alignment for Progress unites stakeholders to accelerate progress in the systems of mental health and substance use disorder care to ensure a more inclusive and effective system. We are calling, urgently, for stakeholders from across the mental health and substance use landscape to join us.

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Comprehensive Policies for Change

The Kennedy Forum has created the National Strategy for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders as part of The Alignment for Progress to tackle systemic barriers in U.S. mental health and substance use care. This strategy provides a blueprint for achieving mental health equity and systemic change, featuring over 200 policy recommendations to overhaul the existing care framework.

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