The Alignment for Progress is a strategic initiative aimed at fostering collaborative action and facilitating a national dialogue on mental health and substance use. It brings together diverse voices and expertise, recognizing the need for attention to a range of areas to ensure that people with mental health and substance use conditions can thrive.

Through key partnerships from across the mental health and substance use disorder landscape and targeted advocacy efforts to influence policy and public perception, we aim to bring closer the future where mental illness and substance use is prevented when possible and, when not, treated, effectively and equally for all patients. A future where recovery is as celebrated as remission, and where therapy is as valued as therapeutics. We are calling, urgently, for stakeholders from across the mental health and substance use landscape to join us.

Comprehensive Policies for Change

The Kennedy Forum has created the National Strategy for Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders as part of The Alignment for Progress to tackle systemic barriers in U.S. mental health and substance use prevention, care, and recovery. This strategy provides a blueprint for achieving mental health equity and reform, featuring curated policy recommendations to overhaul the existing approaches to addressing and promoting mental health.

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Partnering for Change

Partnerships are a cornerstone of the Alignment for Progress, fostering collaboration and leveraging diverse expertise to drive collective action in mental health advocacy. By forming strategic alignments with organizations, policymakers, healthcare providers, and community stakeholders, the Alignment for Progress amplifies its impact and expands its reach.

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