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Stand for Vital Mental Health Policies

The Kennedy Forum fosters profound and lasting change through our own deep policy work in the areas of youth mental health and mental health and substance use disorder coverage parity.

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Collaborating for Systemic Change

The Kennedy Forum's Alignment for Progress unites stakeholders to accelerate progress in the areas most critical to the well-being of people living with mental health and substance use challenges, from reforming the care systems to improving the conditions in which people live, work, and play. Our goal is to bring closer the future where mental illness and substance use is prevented when possible and, when not, treated, effectively and equally for all patients.

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Goals for the Alignment for Progress Movement: 90/90/90 by 2033

As part of the Alignment for Progress, we have articulated goals for 2023: 90% of individuals will be screened for mental health conditions or substance use disorders; 90% will receive the evidence-based services and supports they need, and 90% of those treated will be able to manage their symptoms and achieve recovery.

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Our Focus Areas

Our policy work is primarily directed at two critical pillars: mental health and substance use disorder coverage parity and youth mental health and substance use disorders. These focus areas underpin our efforts to transform mental health and substance use disorder treatment across the nation.

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