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Who is at Risk for Opioid Overdose?

Whether dependent on their pain medicine, or on an illegal drug like heroin, know the conditions that put people at greater risk for accidental opioid...


Responsible use of Opioids

Here are eight easy tips to use opioids safely.


Treatment Options in Opioid Use Disorder

There are many treatment options for use disorder to engage in and is influenced by many factors.


Drinking or Using More than Intended

When drinking or using becomes unmanageable and can take over important parts of your life and which can lead you to other symptoms such as substance...


Caring for your Pain: You have Options

When pain becomes chronic, there are several effective and healthy ways to care for pain.


Medications Used to Treat Substance Use Disorders

Treating Substance Use Disorders can be challenging. With help from qualified medical specialists, people can reduce or eliminate problematic substanc...


Substance Use and Relationships: Supporting Your Loved One in Recovery

Supporting another person’s journey through substance use treatment and recovery can be a challenging time in any relationship.


Substance Use Disorder

Substance use can lead to tolerance, drug dependency, cravings, overconsumption, and other substance disorder symptoms. Discover signs and how to begi...


Recommendations of Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

This report outlines Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy's recommendations to the President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid...

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