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    Substance Use Disorder

    Substance use can lead to tolerance, drug dependency, cravings, overconsumption, and other substance disorder symptoms. Discover signs and how to begin treatment.

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    Substance Use and Relationships: Supporting Your Loved One in Recovery

    Supporting another person’s journey through substance use treatment and recovery can be a challenging time in any relationship. Learn how to be there for the people you love.

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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

    CBT is an evidence-based treatment that can help people with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, hard relationships, and many other problems.

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    Medication for Pain

    The treatment of pain is addressed through medicine, mental health, physical rehabilitation, and additional treatments that have been proven to help.

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    Medications Used to Treat Substance Use Disorders

    Treating Substance Use Disorders can be challenging. With help from qualified medical specialists, people can reduce or eliminate problematic substance use.

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    Acceptance Commitment Therapy

    ACT includes mindfulness activities such as meditation, breathing exercises, and other techniques that can build up awareness.

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    Effective Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

    Stopping substance use alone is very hard, and can even be dangerous. Understand the types of assistance available.

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    Caring for your Pain: You have Options

    When pain becomes chronic, there are several effective and healthy ways to care for pain. These can help you make an informed choice how to work with your pain.

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    Drinking or Using More than Intended

    When drinking or using becomes unmanageable and can take over important parts of your life and which can lead you to other symptoms such as substance use disorder.

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