Youth Mental Health Spotlight: States: Don’t Pass Up Federal Dollars to Strengthen Youth Mental Health Services
September 20, 2022

In her latest blog post, Amy Kennedy explores the increased need for school-based mental health programming and workforce-building efforts and highlights several grant opportunities for states. “The critical shortage of mental health professionals across the country is even more acute for school systems. Fully meeting students’ social and emotional needs is impossible to do with teachers alone.” Read the full piece here.

In other news...

The Kennedy Forum recently signed on to a Mental Health America letter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services leaders urging SAMHSA to release guidelines for youth in crisis. Since 998 launched, the organization has released adult crisis guidelines and resources, but nothing comparable for youth. “Young people have very different needs than adults and we are deeply concerned that the guidance has been delayed beyond the launch of the new number and during a youth mental health crisis.” Read the full letter here

Several leading mental health companies and organizations produced excellent back-to-school toolkits—including posters, lesson plans, social media graphics, and more—designed to support the unique mental health needs of youth. View them here: