The Alignment for Progress: School Mental Health Industry Council is two years into a three year initiative to improve the delivery of school-based and school-linked mental health services.

Foundational Pillars

This initiative is built on eight pillars:

  • Scaling Mental Health Access for Youth and Families
  • School-Community Partnerships
  • Defining a Best Practice Standard for School-Based Mental Health
  • Early Identification and Intervention
  • Educating the Educators
  • Sustainability and Funding – including developing a funders guide
  • Addressing the School-Based Mental Health Care Labor Shortage
  • Employer Engagement

The School-Based Industry Council is focused on sustainable implementation and financing of school-based services.

The Council is contributing its expertise to a white paper on this topic, as well as measuring the data-driven the impact of school-based mental health services, to be released in 2024.

Upcoming Milestone

White paper demonstrating data driven impact of school-based mental health services, identifying best practices for sustainable implementation of school-based mental health services.

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Watch this panel discussion from the 2023 Alignment for Progress Conference on how the school-based mental health services industry can support students and staff.

Panelists include Amy Kennedy, Co-Founder of The Kennedy Forum; Duncan Young, CEO, Effective School Solutions; Katie Dorn, Co-Founder, EmpowerU; Gary Alpert, Chief Growth Officer, Brightline; Wizdom Powell, Chief Purpose Officer, Headspace and Josh Golomb, CEO, Hazel Health.