How We'll Do It

The state of mental health in our country is one of great possibility. The Kennedy Forum is working to drive change in our healthcare system. We are partnering with mental health and addiction advocates, policymakers, and business leaders around key opportunities for progress, including provider accountability, integration and coordination, technology, and brain fitness and health.


Ensuring Access to Care

The Kennedy Forum wants to ensure the full implementation and enforcement of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 (MHPAEA or Parity Act). Fulfilling the promise of the Parity Act will depend in large part on health insurance plans (payers) complying with the letter and spirit of the law. The Kennedy Forum is working to bring greater clarity and guidance to the Parity law, promote transparency and accountability, and educate consumers about their rights.

Quality & Transparency

Demanding Better Quality and Outcomes

Behavioral health providers severely lack the resources and tools to measure outcomes and service effectiveness. Working with a range of stakeholders and experts in the field, the Kennedy Forum is identifying and advancing standardized clinical practices and evidence-based measurement tools that will improve patient care and outcomes.


Increasing Access, Lowering Costs, and Delivering Better Outcomes Through Coordination

People living with mental illnesses and addiction often live shorter and sicker lives because of untreated and preventable chronic illnesses. By promoting innovative care models and better coordination of services, the Kennedy Forum is working to ensure that patients have access to the care they need.


Driving Collaboration To Create Better Results

From electronic medical records to smartphone applications, the Kennedy Forum will help leverage technology to improve access and quality of care across our nation

Brain Health & Fitness

Developing New Ways to Provide Earlier Interventions

There is a clear gap in the tracking and translating of emerging scientific findings for the improvement of brain health. The Kennedy Forum is committed to promoting faster translation of neuroscience research findings into preventative and treatment interventions that will improve the lives of individuals living with mental illness and addiction.

Youth Mental Health

Advancing Mental Health Programming and Curriculum in Education

Empowering young people with coping skills through social-emotional learning can support mental health long-term, while simultaneously improving academic performance. Schools are also a natural place to implement screening and intervention practices for mental health needs that arise during childhood. The Kennedy Forum is dedicated to advancing quality mental health programming in schools that benefits students, families, and educators.