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Don't Deny Me

This website educates consumers about their rights to equal insurance coverage for mental health and addiction treatment and connects them with essential appeals guidance and resources.

resource guide
Evaluating State Mental Health and Addiction Parity Statutes: A Technical Report

Describes the process that was used to identify key elements of legal codes relating to parity across all 50 states and summarizes the research that assessed the strength and quality of statutes using a quantitative and systematic coding methodology.

resource guide
Recommendations of Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

This report outlines Former Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy's recommendations to the President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis

issue brief
Illinois Providers Report Barriers to Mental Health and Addiction Coverage for Their Patients

An overview of the barriers Illinois providers and patients face while seeking treatment for Mental Health and Addiction coverage.

issue brief
Payment Reform and Opportunities for Behavioral Health: Alternative Payment Model Examples

This white paper outlines payment reform policy recommendations to improve quality and reduce the cost of U.S. health care.

issue brief
Filing An Appeal Based On a Parity Violation

This issue brief describes different types of potential parity violations illustrating one’s right to file an appeal based on how health plans cover behavioral health treatments.

issue brief
Consumer Guide Drug Formulary Issue Brief

Formularies are the lists that act as the gateways to prescription drugs in health plans in the United States, impacting every prescriber, pharmacist, purchaser and patient.

issue brief
New Technologies for Improving Behavioral Health

A National Call for Accelerating the Use of New Methods for Assessing and Treating Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders

resource guide
Navigating The New Frontier of Mental Health and Addiction: A Guide for the 115th Congress

To help bring about meaningful change for the millions of Americans living with a mental health condition or addiction